Our offices are located on 9 Judges avenue Cresta Randburg Johannesburg Gauteng. You can visit our contact page for a detailed map or details to contact us.
Yes we can do project in any province in South Africa.Geographical location does not limit our operabiltiy.
Amongst some of our services we also supply material for a proposed project and we can also do a supply an fix, which means we can do both the labour and supply of material.
Which projects we do or take is determined by a lot of factors which are looked at by our projects department and other supporting departments within the company. However each and every potential or proposed project is given a chance. We can take any project as long as it os feasible to do so.
As of operations in other countries we are working towards that however, we do have partners in other countries that also carry high end expertise and can produce high quality products of high value too.
It is usually advisable to contact us and the HR department will inform you of the steps you need to take towards being part of our team. Hhowever you being part of us is also dependant on various factors which some of them will be addressed in interviews and other activities.
Yes, Tech-com solutions offers internships, however this is determined by availability of internship vacancies.
Tech-com solutions takes part in social work for instance, donations of computers to Oxford training school and tuition sponsorship.
Yes, Tech-com solutions also hires a vast array of tools and machinery.

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